The Big Question

1. Can you learn something new about relationships? If NO, You're "Done". If YES, Finish This TEST.


2. Ever feel like something/someone is more important to your spouse, than U? If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE


3. Does your spouse sometimes make decisions that affect you ... without you? If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE


4. Do you sometimes get offended, but just "let it go", to avoid more fighting? If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE

Anger & Resentment

5. Does your spouse sometimes get angry and then suddenly blow up on you? If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE

Conflict Resolution

6. Do you at times feel like your spouse is blaming you when things go wrong? If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE

Listening to Understand

7. Do you ever feel like your spouse is not "listening to understand" your heart? If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE

Changing Your Spouse

8. Do you sometimes feel like your spouse is trying to fix you, or change you? If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE


9. Have you ever had a disagreement about how each of you spend money? If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE

Different Planets

10. Do you sometimes feel like your Significant Other is from a Different Planet? If Yes/Maybe ... Click HERE